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For over 26 years, Enterprise Technologies has endeavored to provide talented and ethical Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne consultants and enterprise technology services to advance our client’s goals and objectives.  As part of that endeavor, Enterprise Technologies has built innovative complementary software products to extend the capability of the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP.  Let’s summarize what Enterprise Technologies can do to further your organization’s goals and objectives.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Consulting

Enterprise Technologies provides Managed Support Services, Implementation Consulting, Training and JD Edwards Consulting for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.

In addition to enterprise technology services , our expertise lies in our ability to efficiently assess the client’s needs and to apply our knowledge of industry best practices and current technologies to achieve our client’s goals.

Our consultants average 25 to 30 years of significant consulting experience implementing, developing or supporting Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP and complementary software solutions for our clients. Enterprise Technologies consultants are bound to a high standard of ethical conduct, and endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations. Our consultants strive to be the best of the best, and their combined experiences are available to support your JD Edwards Consulting projects.

Enterprise Technologies consultants possess a deep knowledge of the JD Edwards environment, as well as a deep knowledge of related Vertex, Create!Form and Oracle BI Publisher products.  But we believe that product and industry knowledge alone is not always enough to successfully facilitate support.  Our consultants and project managers continuously demonstrate our ability to communicate effectively with our client’s stakeholders and users. We differentiate ourselves by our ability to use our expertise to assess process information, issues and concerns from the users in a non-threatening environment.  This productive interaction increases user satisfaction, increases new process adoption and, ultimately, facilitates the client’s project goals. 

The Enterprise Technologies JD Edwards Implementation Methodology has been developed and refined over the last two decades. The methodology is proven, and provides a framework for predictable successful Managed Services, implementations, upgrades and small project


Initial Scope & Requirements Meeting

Contract Signing

Project Planning Meeting




Fast Track

Job Track

Technical & Tools


Initial Install of Model Enviornment

Business Process Workshops

Create Prototype Scripts

Test Prototype Scripts in Model Enviornment

Document Issue 


Issue Resolution

Technical Projects & Environment Preparation

End User Training & Documentation

End User & System Tests

Enterprise Rollout


Final Environment Verification

Final Date Conversion

Live User Activities

Initial User Evaluation & Changes

Management Sign-off


Process Improvement

Version Upgrade Preparation

Periodic End User Technology Review 

Enterprise Technologies is a Gold Level Oracle Partner and provides Oracle Certified Implementation Specialists for JD Edwards Finance. Enterprise Technologies was also recognized by Oracle and by its client for its success in implementing Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Primavera and Oracle Business Intelligence in a highly compressed timeline. Please see the press release for more information.

Try out our expert JD Edwards Consultants!  Have a JDE concern that needs expert attention?  Take advantage of some FREE CONSULTING to allow us to demonstrate our expertise and allow you to get that concern resolved! 
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SchedulerPro™ Police Scheduling and timekeeping

We believe Police Officers should spend as much of their time furthering their Public Safety goals, and not spending their time doing unnecessary administrative tasks, like filling out paper timecards.

Working in partnership with the Oceanside Police Department, Enterprise Technologies developed SchedulerPro™, a Scheduling and Timekeeping system specifically designed to the needs of Police, Fire, and Government agency timekeeping.

Governments, Police Departments, and Fire Department have really complex timekeeping requirements due to the many government unions and their specific requirements.  SchedulerPro is designed to be able to configure nearly all timekeeping scenarios.  I

If you have Oracle JD Edwards as your Financial, Human Resources and Payroll system, it gets better.  As we mentioned above, we really know Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, and we designed SchedulerPro to leverage your existing investment in Oracle JD Edwards.  We can feed Oracle JD Edwards Timecard Automation what it needs to handle any payroll complexity… better than Oracle JD Edwards by itself. 

It is bold to say, but I’ll say it:   If you have Oracle JD Edwards and SchedulerPro, we can handle any complex payroll scenario.  In fact, that is the initial reason the City of Oceanside Police Department chose Enterprise Technologies and SchedulerPro.

results matter

After the implementation of SchedulerPro™ with Oracle JD Edwards ERP, the City of Oceanside Police Department realized the following results:

  • Administrators realized a reduction of the time to process payroll from 80 hours to 8 per bi-weekly Payroll. 

90% reduction in the time it takes to process timecards into Payroll.

  • Approvers realized a reduction in the Minutes to Approve timecards per Employee – from 5 minutes to 1 minute per Payroll.  

80% reduction in the time it takes of Police Supervisors approve timecards.

  • For Payroll Administrators:  The number of Payroll Adjustments during holiday pay periods decrease from 100 adjustment to 2 per biweekly payroll.

Up to a 98% reduction in Payroll adjustments.

The City of Oceanside Police Department was nice enough to work with Enterprise Technologies on a case study to detail their experience. This interview discusses how SchedulerPro™ works for their organization. See the full Oceanside Police Department SchedulerPro Case Study – watch the video. 

The Oceanside Police Chief recommends SchedulerPro™ as the best Police Scheduling software for his organization.

Interested in seeing what Enterprise Technologies SchedulerPro™ can do for your municipality? 
Click here for a Free Trial or to schedule a Demo of SchedulerPro™.


For nearly a decade, Return Home Registry, an innovative web application, has been assisting Police Departments in locating lost or wandering at-risk elderly and youth when they go missing from their home or caregiver facility. Because these can be critical times, the program assists in getting vital information to law enforcement personnel to assist in locating loved ones sooner.

The application is designed to work in coordination with a police department’s at-risk elderly and youth programs. With Return Home Registry, families and caregivers are encouraged to self-register as the steward of their at-risk adults and children that may be unable to communicate important information to officers, such as their name or home address, due to a disability.

Basic information, descriptions and photos are loaded into Return Home Registry to help identify at-risk elderly and youth should they every become lost or separated from their family or care giver.

Police Officers frequently respond to calls from citizens with requests for assistance in locating loved ones. Return Home Registry is a searchable database that quickly provides police officers with the vital information they need to locate and return at-risk family members back to their families.

Return Home Registry can be used in two ways:

  • A loved one or care giver, after having previously registered their at-risk family member in Return Home Registry, can notify the police department when they realize that their loved one is missing.  Information such as descriptors and photographs will already be readily available to patrol officers, who will have the tools to better locate and return the individual home.


  • If an officer or other police department personnel observes an individual that appears to be lost or confused, they will have information on hand to quickly identify the individual and connect them to their emergency contact.

This program does not guarantee the safe return of at-risk elderly and youth, but it will provide officers with an additional tool to locate and return at-risk elderly and youth to their families or caregivers.

For more information how you can help your Police Department manage the at-risk population in your municipality using Return Home Registry, click here to schedule a demo or a consultation.

Nevada Legislative Tracking Software

Help your organization and Lobbyists manage Nevada Legislative Bills

Enterprise Technologies is the developer of the Legislative Tracking System (LTS), a bespoke cloud-based Nevada Legislative Tracking software application and Nevada Legislative Tracking Software data service.

The Legislative Tracking System has been providing actionable information to municipalities since 2016.

The application provides the following high-level features:

Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) monitoring

  • Comprehensive data monitoring of Nevada legislative and regulatory developments at various levels of government in near real-time from the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS).
  • Monitor Senate and Assembly bills, bill requests, session calendars and hearings from NELIS.

Nevada Legislative Tracking Software Application – LTS

  • Simply identify legislative bills, bill requests, and other Nevada Legislative information of interest in near real time and tag them for further staff review.
  • Simply create Bill Reviews and assign the review task to specific Departments within your organization and request their review comments, fiscal impacts, and position on the topic.
  • Allow the administrator to manage the completion of the various department reviews and fiscal notes to form your organization’s position for a topic.
  • Provide Lobbyists with an application to search and tag topics, track calendars and hearings, and facilitate the information necessary to lobby on behalf of your organization.
  • Providing your organization with actionable intelligence to inform their strategic decision-making processes. 
  • Provide relevant Notifications to your organization’s administrator to notify them of new bills or topics to review, and to your organization’s Departments to notify them of items available for their review.
  • Simply generate operational reports on Bill Reviews and Overdue Department submissions.
  • LTS uses industry standard authentication and role-based security to identify Administrators and restrict access and Departmental Users and Lobbyists.

Try LTS out!
Would you like to evaluate LTS for your organization?   Click below to coordinate a Free Trial or schedule a live demo of the Legislative Tracking System.

We can help your organization meet it’s goals too!

We are excited for you to see how we can help you transform your organization!  Kindly let us know how we can help you and the best way to contact you.

If you need immediate attention, please feel free to reach us at Info@EnterpriseTechnologies.com or call us at 714- 368-9750.

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