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Return Home Registry

Return Home Registry

For nearly a decade, Return Home Registry, an innovative web application, has been assisting Police Department officers in locating lost or wandering at-risk elderly and youth when they go missing from their home or caregiver facility.

Because these can be critical times, the program assists in getting vital information to law enforcement personnel to assist in locating loved ones sooner.

The application is designed to work in coordination with a police department’s at-risk elderly and youth programs. With Return Home Registry, families and caregivers are encouraged to self-register as the steward of their at-risk adults and children that may be unable to communicate important information to officers, such as their name or home address, due to a disability.

Basic information, descriptions and photos are loaded into Return Home Registry to help identify at-risk elderly and youth should they ever become lost or separated from their family or caregiver.

Police Officers frequently respond to calls from citizens with requests for assistance in locating loved ones. Return Home Registry is a searchable database that quickly provides police officers with the vital information they need to locate and return at-risk family members back to their families.

Return Home Registry can be used in two ways

  • A loved one or care giver, after having previously registered their at-risk family member in Return Home Registry, can notify the police department when they realize that their loved one is missing.  Information such as descriptors and photographs will already be readily available to patrol officers, who will have the tools to better locate and return the individual home.

  • If an officer or other police department personnel observes an individual that appears to be lost or confused, they will have information on hand to quickly identify the individual and connect them to their emergency contact.

This program does not guarantee the safe return of at-risk elderly and youth, but it will provide officers with an additional tool to locate and return at-risk elderly and youth to their families or caregivers.

Return Home Registry Application Features

  • Self-registration of the Steward and Registrant profiles to help alleviate the burden on Police Departments register on behalf of the citizens.

  • Capture descriptive information and photos of the at-risk adult or youth for future retrieval.

  • Profile scoring to encourage Stewards to improve and update registrant profile information.

  • Automatic notification to Stewards on how to improve their Registrant’s profile. Program Administrator is also notified to approve the new Steward and Registrant information. 

  • Powerful, yet simple search capability to help identify lost at-risk adults and youth.

  • Quickly generate MISSING PERSON poster PDF with current information for quick distribution to patrol officers.

  • Simple, searchable incident management to help identify trends for citizens who repeatedly are lost, and also  to provide statistics for management.
Return Home Registry


Return Home Registry

Return Home Registry


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