Legislative Tracking System (LTS)

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Nevada Legislative Tracking Software

Enterprise Technologies is the developer of the Legislative Tracking System (LTS), a bespoke cloud-based Nevada Legislative Tracking software application and Nevada Legislative Tracking Software data service.

The Legislative Tracking System has been providing actionable information to municipalities since 2016.

The application provides the following high-level features:

Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) monitoring

  • Comprehensive data monitoring of Nevada legislative and regulatory developments at various levels of government in near real-time from the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS).

  • Monitor Senate and Assembly bills, bill requests, session calendars and hearings from NELIS.

Nevada Legislative Tracking Software Application - LTS

  • Simply identify legislative bills, bill requests, and other Nevada Legislative information of interest in near realtime and tag them for further staff review.


  • Simply create Bill Reviews and assign the review task to specific Departments within your organization and request their review comments, fiscal impacts, and position on the topic.


  • Allow the administrator to manage the completion of the various department reviews and fiscal notes to form your organization’s position for a topic.


  • Provide Lobbyists with an application to search and tag topics, track calendars and hearings, and facilitate the information necessary to lobby on behalf of your organization.


  • Providing your organization with actionable intelligence to inform their strategic decision-making processes.


  • Provide relevant Notifications to your organization’s administrator to notify them of new bills or topics to review, and to your organization’s Departments to notify them of items available for their review.

  • Simply generate operational reports on Bill Reviews and Overdue Department submissions.


  • LTS uses industry standard authentication and role-based security to identify Administrators and restrict access and Departmental Users and Lobbyists.
legislative tracking software Nevada


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Providing Excellent Business Services
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