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How a Police Officer Scheduling System Works

We believe Police Officers should spend as much of their time furthering their Public Safety goals, and not spending their time doing unnecessary administrative tasks, like filling out paper timecards. Working in partnership with the Oceanside Police Department, Enterprise Technologies developed SchedulerPro™, a Scheduling and Timekeeping system specifically designed to the needs of Police, Fire, and Government agency timekeeping. 

To understand what makes an efficient police officer scheduling system, we first need to understand the business problem. 

The business problem – Complex paper timecards and complex time

Governments, Police Departments, and Fire Departments have complex timekeeping requirements due to the many government unions and their specific union requirements.  Imagine that every Police officer fills in paper timecard for his/her time worked… every day, even though an officer many be scheduled fairly consistently for the next six months. To get paid correctly, they need to understand all the appropriate pay codes for regular time, overtime, vacation and multiple types of leave in addition to special types of pay for special shifts, canines, dive time, training and court time, just to name a few.  They must do this correctly every day.  This timekeeping requirement takes a lot of time, and it takes the time away from overall Public Safety duties.

Supervisor and Approvers must also take the time to review the timecards.  Generally, paper timecards are compiled and submitted to the approver at the end of a 2-week payroll period.  The approver is looking at time and events that happened to the subordinate Officer up to 2 weeks prior and must remember the situation to appropriately approve the time. The timeliness is important here – the approver must also process all of their subordinate’s time to beat a payroll deadline for that pay period.  The approver must also be an expert on the appropriate codes for the various type of pay, which can be relatively daunting due to the complex nature of Police timekeeping.  

People make mistakes manually entering time.  If the approver does not catch the mistake, an adjustment must be made (yes, another paper form) to correct the time.  Generally, the officer would not get paid for that time in the current period, and an additional burden is placed on the Payroll staff to process a prior period adjustment.

This manual process does not consider the additional needs of Police departments like scheduling future shifts, trading shifts or shift bids, nor does it offer any way to manage staffing requirements. 

An efficient police officer scheduling system should address the requirements elegantly:

  • No paper timecards
  • No need to remember union rules or how to use the appropriate pay codes in entering time.
  • No paper manual approval
  • Facilitate timely approvals closer to when the event is happening to better understand the context of the approval request, and to not have a backlog of time to approve to beat a payroll deadline for the pay period.

The Solution - SchedulerPro™ Public Safety Scheduling software :
How it works

SchedulerPro™ is fully electronic – No Paper!

SchedulerPro™ is a completely electronic Scheduling and Timekeeping solution.  Scheduling, timekeeping, approvals and workflows are completely paperless and fully electronic.

Automated Scheduling 

SchedulerPro™ allows clients to create work schedules and shifts months into the future for teams of resources, which dramatically reduces the time and effort needed for daily or weekly manually time entry. After schedules are automatically created, Users only need to manage exception time entries for overtime, sick, and leave management using a simple, modern, and user-friendly web or mobile interface.

Time Templates

If there is exceptional time, time templates are available to create timecard entries for the most common situations.  The timecard templates default the appropriate pay codes, G/L treatment and approvers for the specific type of shift. This dramatically reduces the need for officers to know all the union rules and pay codes. 

Approval Processing and Notification

Approvers are electronically notified of subordinate overtime requests, sick & leave requests, and timecard approvals in near real time through multiple text and email channels and can quickly and easily approve requests on the Web or on their Mobile client.  This eliminates the need to remember events that occurred weeks prior. Approvals are processed as events are happening which dramatically improves accuracy.

Shift Bids

Approvers also have the option to initiate Shift Bids for open shifts, and quickly fill the open shifts manually, by first come – first served, or through a configurable algorithm.

Visualize Quick Insights

Supervisor can interactively view schedules by team or supervisor on the Timeline view to visually confirm staffing levels. The timeline visually characterizes different types of regular, overtime, leave and sick time facilitating quick insights for the approver or administrator.

Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2

SchedulerPro™ synchronizes HCM master Employee, Position Control, and Payroll information from JD Edwards.

The integration with Timecard Automation can automate virtually any complex timecard or pay rule. SchedulerPro’s user defined fields facilitates the capability to drive Timecard Automation from inputs not available in JD Edwards providing unmatched flexibility in automating Payroll calculations.

Please see the SchedulerPro™  Validated Integration data sheet.

Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Leveraging our deep JD Edwards EnterpriseOne consulting experience and knowledge of the Oracle JD Edwards ERP System, SchedulerPro was developed with a tight integration to JD Edwards Payroll and Timekeeping. Using our Oracle Validated Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, Employee information, Payroll information and Organization master data sourced and automatically synchronized from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.  Timecards are synchronized in near realtime with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time & Attendance. The Validated Integration dramatically increases the Payroll data quality and dramatically reduces the time and complexity to process complex payrolls. 

The Oracle Validated Integration… 

  • Eliminates paper timecards, 
  • Automates any complex pay rules, 
  • Creates a completely electronic workflow for 
    • Scheduling, 
    • Timekeeping, 
    • Sick & leave management, and 
    • Payroll processing. 

Web and Mobile Client

SchedulerPro can be accessed via our mobile client or through our progressive web application.

results matter

After the implementation of SchedulerPro™ with Oracle JD Edwards ERP, the City of Oceanside Police Department realized the following results:

  • Administrators realized a reduction of the time to process payroll from 80 hours to 8 per bi-weekly Payroll. 

90% reduction in the time it takes to process timecards into Payroll.

  • Approvers realized a reduction in the Minutes to Approve timecards per Employee – from 5 minutes to 1 minute per Payroll.  

80% reduction in the time it takes of Police Supervisors approve timecards.

  • For Payroll Administrators:  The number of Payroll Adjustments during holiday pay periods decrease from 100 adjustment to 2 per biweekly payroll.

Up to a 98% reduction in Payroll adjustments.

The City of Oceanside Police Department was nice enough to work with Enterprise Technologies on a case study to detail their experience. This interview discusses how SchedulerPro™ works for their organization. See the full Oceanside Police Department SchedulerPro Case Study – watch the video. 

The Oceanside Police Chief recommends SchedulerPro™ as the best Police Scheduling software for his organization.

Interested in seeing what Enterprise Technologies SchedulerPro™ can do for your municipality? 
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