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We Serve Governments

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Consulting for Governments

For over 25 years, Enterprise Technologies has been providing implementation consulting, support and training for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™ ERP software applications.

Our clients represent a broad range of municipalities including:

  • Local Districts, Municipalities
  • City governments
  • County Governments 

Our expertise lies in our ability to extract the needs of our clients, applying our knowledge, and industry best practices and adopting current technologies to educate our clients and lead them quickly and efficiently to their goals.

Enterprise Technologies is currently engaged with several City and County municipalities providing the following services:

  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    • Managed Support Services 
    • Role Security Managed Services, 
    • Oracle Patch Managed Services 
    • Functional Support Services
      • Finance – Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Job Costing)
      • HCM – Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits, Position Control
      • Real Estate Management
      • EnterpriseOne Application and Batch Development Tools
      • Orchestrations and User Defined Objects

Enterprise Technologies offers Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.x Financial Management Certified Implementation Specialists, is a Gold Level Business Partner of Oracle Corporation, and is a business resell partner of Canon USA, Inc.

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Nevada Government Legislation

Nevada Legislative Tracking Software

Enterprise Technologies is the developer of the Legislative Tracking System (LTS), a bespoke cloud-based Nevada Legislative Tracking software application and Nevada Legislative Tracking Software data service. The Legislative Tracking System has been providing actionable information to municipalities since 2016.

The Legislative Tracking System (LTS) application and Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) data monitoring service provide comprehensive solution to simply identify and monitor Senate and Assembly bills, bill requests, session calendars, hearings, and other Nevada Legislative information of interest in near realtime and tag them for further staff review.

The solution also provides Lobbyists with an application to search and tag topics, track calendars and hearings, and facilitate the information necessary to lobby on behalf of your organization.

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We support Government Law Enforcement

Enterprise Technologies offers several software solutions for Police Departments.

SchedulerPro™ – Automated Law Enforcement Scheduling software

SchedulerPro™ is a Cloud based Police scheduling and time capture solution tightly integrated with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time & Attendance bespoke to the complex timekeeping and scheduling requirements of Police Departments, Fire Departments and Government clients.

SchedulerPro Police Scheduling software allows clients to create work schedules months into the future for teams of resources, which dramatically reduces the time and effort needed for daily or weekly manually time entry. After schedules are automatically created, Users only need to manage exception time entries for overtime, sick, and leave management using a simple, modern, and user-friendly web or mobile interface. The application also offers electronic approval processing, notifications, shift bids and allow administrators to quickly visualize scheduling insights.


SchedulerPro™ Scheduling & Timekeeping

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Return Home Registry – Helping at-risk youth and elderly citizens in your community

For nearly a decade, Return Home Registry (RHR), an innovative web application, has been assisting Police Departments in locating lost or wandering at-risk elderly and youth when they go missing from their home or caregiver facility.

Because these can be critical times, the program assists in getting vital information to law enforcement personnel to assist in locating loved ones sooner.

The application is designed to work in coordination with a police department’s at-risk elderly and youth programs. With Return Home Registry, families and caregivers are encouraged to self-register as the steward of their at-risk adults and children that may be unable to communicate important information to officers, such as their name or home address, due to a disability. Basic information, descriptions and photos are loaded into Return Home Registry to help identify at-risk elderly and youth should they every become lost or separated from their family or care giver.

Police Officers frequently respond to calls from citizens with requests for assistance in locating loved ones. Return Home Registry is a searchable database that quickly provides police officers with the vital information they need to locate and return at-risk family members back to their families.

Return Home Registry


For more information how you can help your Police Department manage the at-risk population in your municipality using Return Home Registry, click below to schedule a demo or a consultation.

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Providing Excellent Business Services
& Solutions for over 25 years