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Fire Department Scheduling Software

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Enterprise Technologies offers several software solutions for Fire Departments.

Public Safety Scheduling Software for Fire Departments

SchedulerPro™ is a Cloud-based Public Safety Scheduling software and time capture solution tightly integrated with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Time & Attendance bespoke to the complex timekeeping and scheduling requirements of Fire Departments and Government clients.


In a Case Study, SchedulerPro™ clients realize outstanding results:

police officer scheduling system

Administrators realized a 90% reduction in the time it takes to process timecards into Payroll.

police officer scheduling system

Approvers realized an 80% reduction in the time it takes to approve timecards.

police officer scheduling system

Payroll Administrators realized up to a 98% reduction in prior period Payroll adjustments.

Reduction in Payroll Processing
Reduction in Approval Times
Reduction in Adjustments

SchedulerPro™ Public Safety Scheduling software allows clients to create Kelly Shift work schedules months into the future for stations of resources, which dramatically reduces the time and effort needed for daily or weekly manual time entry.

After schedules are automatically created, Users only need to manage exception time entries for overtime, sick, and leave management using a simple, modern, and user-friendly web or mobile interface. The application also offers electronic approval processing, notifications, shift bids/trades and allows administrators to quickly visualize scheduling insights.


SchedulerPro Scheduling & Timekeeping

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Providing Excellent Business Services
& Solutions for over 25 years